Discovering marketing answers in your business’s heart and soul

heart and soul

Marketing gurus can tell you about best practices; the concepts of niche, focus, and measurement. They can remind you that thoughtful strategy and careful planning will take you much further than one-off initiatives or (worse) responses to uninvited solicitations offering “quick and easy” solutions.

However, none of the common-sense marketing ideas will carry any real long-term value unless your underlying business is sound; you offer value to your clients and your employees, contractors and suppliers?receive fair treatment (and payment) for their services. (Yes, there are slime-ball cheaters who get away with varying levels of dishonesty and some get away with evil stuff for long periods of time.)

If you have the basics right, then it is time to apply the marketing values beyond simply relying on good-will and word-of-mouth recommendations. If you carefully encourage and expand on these traditional success methodologies, you’ll increase your revenues, security and profits. You don’t need to rush the process but it won’t hurt to get started now.

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