Database marketing: Working within your network

contractor dynamics

contractor dynamicsJoseph?Hughes, in this ?Contractor Dynamics podcast:?Database marketing for contractors, ?makes the important point that your greatest potential for marketing success occurs when you focus your marketing among people who know you. ?This may seem to be obvious, but quite often we forget the “low hanging fruit” — within existing relationships, referrals and people within your network.

He observes you can build/establish your network of at least 100 people within 30 minutes:

  • Current and pas clients and customers
  • General contractors, architects, subcontractors
  • Real estate agents
  • Contacts from networking events, trade shows, conferences
  • Social media, especially LinkedIn
  • Vendors and suppliers

His messaging points also make sense, though I would word things different to focus more on the client (you) than on your own business:

  • We want to check in to see how your project is holding up
  • We just hired a few new people and have the capacity to take on 3 new projects this month
  • We?re going to be exhibiting at ABC Conference and invite you to stop by and ask questions. If you can?t make it, feel free to call or email for a free consultation
  • We?re kicking off a big new marketing campaign and we want to reach out to our past clients and existing network first, before things get real busy
  • If you know of anyone who may be able to benefit from our services, I?d appreciate you passing this email along to them ? we?re providing free consultations right now

Nevertheless, the podcast certainly has merit and you can access it here.

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