An excellent video blog about construction legal issues


I’m reviewing all of the entries in the 2019 Best Construction Blog competition between now and the end of voting on March 31. You can learn more about the competition and voting process at this link.

Miami, Florida construction lawyer Alex Barthet has produced an impressive video blog,, which provides insights that will be valuable to you whether or not you are in his market coverage area.

I especially enjoyed his two relatively recent posts regarding legal fees and costs. In the first (headlining this post), he suggests four ideas on how you can manage/restrain your legal costs. In the second, he addresses the problems that arise when you might win a judgement, but effectively “lose” because of the high legal costs. Again, he suggests ways you can avoid this losing-by-winning trap.

You can vote for this blog and others you like though there is only one ballot for each email address.’

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