Continuing video “hangout” testing (the new marketing frontier)

hangout page

hangout pageLast Friday at 2 p.m., I set up a Google Hangout” video relating to the value of association membership/participation. The broadcast has been stored on YouTube, but needs a bit of editing before I set up easy-to-find links.

The Hangout/video conference technology, which first came into play about two years ago, has advanced rapidly, to the point where, if it can be applied properly, it may provide marketers with effective communications and testimonial-grabbing capacities. So I’ll continue my experiments, with a discussion next Friday at 2 p.m. with the value of selfless community contributions, both on and off-line, and describe one of the more surprising consequences of voluntary contributions; in my case, an exceptionally close relationship with Google that will result this September in my third trip at the search engine giant’s expense — to ?New York City “meetup”.

Here is the Hangout link.

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