Content marketing and Facebook retargeting: How to magnify your advertising effectiveness

facebook retargeting
The Facebook retargeting option could reduce your advertising costs and lead generation quality signfiicantly
facebook retargeting
The Facebook retargeting option could reduce your advertising costs and lead generation quality significantly

Sometimes in this blog I write stories that defy immediate self-interest. And this is one of them, because if you implement the strategies in?Australian-based marketer?Russ Stephens’?posting, The New Marketing Process That Saves Builders Money,?the results might be costly for my own revenue, since much of it arises from direct advertising sales.

Rus Stephens
Russ Stephens

Stephens?advocates that AEC marketers take advantage of Facebook’s custom Audience Tracking Code and then use, where you put a tagging code on your website and, after visitors go there, you can have Facebook target your message to these visitors.

The key here — the website doesn’t need to have any “selling” — in fact, you want people to visit, enjoy the site, and gain some valuable information without doing anything more. However, while you won’t know who has been retargeted, you can then market your information guide or other resource that requires a potential client to tell you who they are, ONLY to people who are have been retargeted.

Here is how he puts it:

Why would you pay to advertise an Article?

Because it will attract prospects that are interested in building, and when they land on your website you?ll be able to ?Flag Them?.

Now you have a VERY VALUABLE list of potential clients..but you still don?t know who they are or what their email address is so?

This is when you advertise your ?Free Guide? (Your Lead Magnet!)

The audience you are advertising to already know of you, they have visited your website and picked up some valuable information. They don?t know you yet, but they already like you so?

When they see that you are offering a free guide such as ?The 7 Questions You MUST Ask A Builder BEFORE Signing a Building Contract? they have no hesitation in handing over their email address in return for your information.


The relationship starts!

So, the concept here requires you to generate the worthy free content, take advantage of the?retargeting functions within Facebook’s service, and then, spend some money on conversion processes to bring that lead into your action list.

It’s an intriguing and potentially very cost-effective approach.

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