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John Poole
John Poole

I “self nominated” John Poole’s blog because Poole is one of only a few general ICI contractors that I know who has published a blog while starting a business from scratch.

Blogging takes time and effort — and start-up general contractors, especially in the recent challenging U.S. market, have many demands on their time and resources. ?However, Poole’s blog has always inspired me for its down-to-earth grit and common-sense.

I think Poole ?is easing off on his postings; recent entries include some third-party guest posts. There’s nothing wrong with this, but I generally decline guest post proposals from third-party writers. ?They are generally seeking some search engine juice for the organization(s) they represent. If someone wants that from me, they should become a client and give me money — or (less likely) earn their recognition through their actual accomplishments.

(Of course, you don’t need to pay a cent to receive a Best Construction Blog review, and I will be reviewing every blog submitted by the January 31 entry deadline well before voting concludes on April 1.)

My above remarks suggest that many of Poole’s best posts are in his archives. However, he recently picked up this snippet from, an ode to the entrepreneurial spirit.

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