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The Construction Pro Network blog includes a diversity of useful images and stories. It intersperses videos about interesting projects and techniques with some challenging legal and business discussions.

The time-lapse video of the Port of Miami tunnel project, completed in 2013, certainly provides dramatic imagery, and so I elected to use that as the featured image for this post.

Construction Pro Network’s commentary describes the story behind the video:

We recently uncovered this time-lapse video of the Port of Miami Tunnel (POMT), featuring the use of a 43-foot diameter tunnel boring machine (TBM) to excavate both tubes. ?The video shows the holing through and dismantling of the equipment. ?The?POMT?is a public-private partnership (PPP) designed to transfer the responsibility to design-build-finance-operate-and-maintain (DBFOM) the project to the private sector. It is a technically challenging project that attracted three bidding consortia comprised of several of the most technically sophisticated and financially sound constructors and financiers in the world.

However, a much more important topic is discussed in another post — Should Pay When Pay Clauses be Enforceable.?The entire issue of construction payment rules and cycles has caused plenty of controversy in the industry around the world as general contractors fear being caught in a bind when an owner fails to pay promptly for services, while subtrades fret over their mounting direct labour and material costs while general contractors hold them financially hostage.

(These issues in our local Ontario market resulted in extensive review and new Construction Act legislation is expected to be introduced later this year.)

Overall, the Construction Pro Network blog provides just the right combination of practical and issue-based information and indeed is a worthy entry in this year’s Best Construction Blog competition.

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