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social media bookRecently, a new LinkedIn Construction Marketing Ideas group member asked this question:

I?m only a small company just staring out. I?m only two years in and the things i find hard is getting my name about. I have a social media page and free listings. I also put adverts in our local paper sent fliers and cards out but it seems to be throwing money at nothing, so any help with this issue would be much appreciated

Here is my answer

Great marketing requires thoughtful investment and some simple planning rather than large (if any) cash outlays because you are sold this or that so-called solution. ?When I searched for you I cringed a bit in discovering the first apparent online listings/references are through the Yellow Pages. ?(Might have this wrong, you are using a gmail address rather than your own domain, which you should have ? if you do, and are just using a personal email for the purpose, my apologies for jumping to conclusions.) ? If you Google Yellow Pages combined with you?ll find some thoughts on that matter. ?(If you are locked into a contract, study it carefully, track you results, and be sure to end it when you are allowed by notice?and don?t let the salesperson talk you into continuing, unless you are achieving meaningful results from the expense, in which case, continue!)

In general, my advice to someone with limited resources is to start by getting a decent website and domain set up. ?Don?t spend much money on this ? you probably could get a student to do it for a couple hundred dollars and you can register your domains through Godaddy for about $10.00 a year); look carefully at your service, existing client relationships, and ways to enhance referrals and repeat business.

Is your market primarily business-to-consumer or business-to-business? ?The answer to that question will influence which (if any) consultants I can recommend for you. ?(If you are saying ?I?ll do everything? then spend between $20 and $40 for my book depending on format and where you purchase it, and find out why that answer needs to change.)

(I?ve edited my response slightly before posting here to improve flow.) In conclusion, if you aren?t familiar with marketing ?basics, you need to obtain a basic grounding before you spend any money (and especially before you buy anything ANY salesperson tries to sell you).

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