Construction marketing challenge number one: Is there a market?

7 marketing ps
7 Marketing P's. Used in targeting and defining a market in a go-to-market strategy. (Wikipedia)

I’ve been invited to prepare a marketing proposal for a construction-related software program. The program fulfils a specific niche/service and could, if I’m right in understanding its purpose, be a helpful time-saving tool for busy people.

But there are problems. The beta version of the program has been “out” for something like six months, with a set of YouTube guidance videos, and there has been no-take up, even for the free trial version. (The YouTube tutorials appear to have virtually no views.)

So what do we do?

Will a better responsive website, or would some ?advertising, trade show exhibits and other initiatives help solve the problem?

I’m concerned. I think we need to get some early user reports about the software’s?value and cost-effectiveness before we go any further. It is easy to piss money away on marketing.

Where are the existing clients for related software/services and how much do they value the cost and time savings advantages? Is there a market?

These are tough, challenging questions and my decision to ask them my not provide the answers we want to receive. But I think they are important questions anyone should ask in launching a new product or service.

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