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The Construction Junkie blog takes on a big challenge — the overall construction industry — and assembles and reports on an incredible diversity of topics, worldwide. This makes it a useful overview tool; we can focus our day-to-day lives within our own specialities and communities (wise to do, of course), while catching a quick glimpse about trends, practices controversies and innovations elsewhere.

The Best of 2016 tab takes us to some rather entertaining entries. I especially enjoyed The 13 Best Timelapse Videos of 2016. This post gives me the opportunity to use the “featured video” feature within my blog’s recently redesigned template.

I picked Number 1: Shanghai Tower Construction for that position. Here is the text go to with it.

Standing 2,073 feet high (632 meters), the Shanghai tower is the world?s second tallest building behind the ultra-famous Burj Khalifa. ?The 128 story building took 7 years to complete and was finished in September of 2015. Filmmaker Joe Nafis had the foresight to begin filming the construction of the tower in 2011, when he found an unobstructed view of the city of Lujiazui, which is a peninsula in the city of Shanghai. Over the next 4 years, Nafis took hundreds of thousands of photos of the tower, totaling about 8 terabytes of memory.

Not only is the subject of the timelapse special, being that it?s the 2nd tallest building in the world, but it?s also the artistic flair and different camera angles that truly sets the video apart from the others and made it our top choice for Best timelapse videos of 2016.

Below is the video for number 2:?2. 1870?s Hospital Demolition Video in Reverse. I’ll let you go to the site to read the description.

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