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The ConstructionConnect blog, published by?iSqFt Inc., BidClerk Inc., CDC Publishing Holdings, and CMD Holdings, represents one of the most successful and traditional industrial, commercial and institutional (ICI) leads service providers. Accordingly, you’ll discover a wealth of material here — because this organization has an incredible wealth of data-gathering and information/research resources at its disposal.

(As far as I can tell, one of our readers recommended the ConstructionConnect blog for this competition, rather than one of its employees or representatives. This means that there may not be a “get out the vote” campaign and the blog might not score overwhelmingly high in the competition; but that doesn’t lower its value/usefulness and in fact the independent nomination indicates its value to readers.)

In addition to routinely updated market data (including outlines of major projects) within different regions, this blog includes in-depth coverage of other issues and trends. For example, consider this article: Robotics are coming to the construction site” by Kendall Jones.

Video:? A promotional video from Doxel,?describing its AI robots initiatives.

Before describing some specific robotic initiatives, he writes:

While there may be some attrition in the future, the most likely scenario is that robots will be used alongside human workers to augment their work, keep them safer and boost productivity. The current capabilities of existing robot combined with a growing labor shortage will probably lead to robots handling some of the more menial repetitive tasks, leaving the human worker to focus on other aspects of their job.

Among other robotic initiatives, the post describes Doxel, a business I hadn’t known about before reading this post.

The AI uses deep-learning algorithms to identify and report errors in work performed. This can be anything from the excavation and site work to the mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems. The AI can recognize a building component based on its shape, size and location even if only a portion of the component is visible.

By classifying and measuring quantities installed, Doxel can tell you how much work was done each day which it can then compare against your construction schedule and alert you if your project is falling behind. The AI also detects deviations between installed components and onsite work with models so you can quickly identify errors and avoid costly rework.

The main goal of Doxel is to improve productivity, eliminate rework and help deliver projects on time and within budget. Doxel was used on a recent project for Kaiser Permanente in San Diego and was able to help the bring construction in 11% under budget and improved labor productivity by 38%. Doxel has recently raised 4.5$ million in funding.

There is much? useful information and content in this blog and it certainly is a worthy addition to your bookmarking list.

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