Communications: Distance, time and respect


duvronickI suppose it is a good sign of business health that I can be a third of the way around the world visiting places relatively rarely frequented by North Americans, and know the business at home is running well. Obviously, systems, individuals (employees and contractors) and business history factor into this process, along with some planning. The most important concepts here relate to communications and respect — and the internal perspectives relate well to the external; in other words, if your internal communications and respect are in order, so, likely will be your client relationships and community.

The real test will come next week, however. At least for now, I can connect by email and Skype rather easily. Not too many phone conversations (in fact only one, for a brief general staff meeting) since starting this three-week international vacation, but plenty of emails and of course I’ve been able to read our tracking reports and data. In a few days, we’ll be boarding an Adriatic sailing cruise for seven days. Here, there will be some very expensive on-board internet and phone service, but shipboard communications in 2014 is more like terrestrial intercontinental communications in the 70s and 80s. You can do it, but rarely. So, effectively there’ll be radio silence for the week.

(The absence may also mean the blogging frequency declines. I’ll see if I can write some post-dated entries before boarding the ship, but I certainly won’t be answering emails here.)

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