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This is the first in a series of reviews of entries for the 2019 Best Construction Blog competition.

As I review the??website, I feel a sense of intrigue and mystery. It’s exceptionally well designed, with plenty of worthy content, clearly written by an individual (or group) who knows the topic area. In fact you can sign up through the site for inexpensive online courses starting with Project Management Foundations (for $7.99), graduating to Essentials of Field Supervision (“most popular” at $24.99) to Project Management Success for $79.99.

And the writer(s) describe associations with the Canadian Gold Seal certification program, the Canadian Green Building Council and the Project Management Institute — providing at least one clue: This site has Canadian roots.

But who is behind this project? The entry email address doesn’t give a clue ( And the whois for the domain takes us to a privacy registration site.

constrctr blopg
The home page

I was almost going to throw into the towel, when I noticed a real name on the nominating form. With a bit of Google searching I matched the name with a real person associated with the Canadian construction industry . . . and confirmed the validity of his credentials.

I won’t name him, however. If the site owner wants to retain his privacy, it isn’t right to “out” him here, at least without consent. So while I’ve solved the mystery, I’ll need to leave the identity intrigue unresolved for you.

That takes us back to the site. It is well designed, comprehensive and informative.

Consider this post, for example:? Video roundup – Elevators and escalators.

There’s a combination of text and manufacturers videos, outlining the basics of elevator and escalator installation and operation.? The videos prove the point that a picture may be worth 1,000 words and a video may be exponentially more informative. I pulled the video demonstrating an escalator replacement linked from the site to give you an idea of this content. the video I used to highlight this post with these observations:

Time Lapse ? Escalator Replacement

As buildings get older equipment will more frequently need to be updated and replaced. The below video is a time lapse of an escalator replacement within a mall environment. Pay close attention to the lifting and rigging that is being used with beams and A-Frames for a better understanding of installation procedures.

Of course, this topic is just one of many focused on different aspects of the construction process.

Possibly at some point the site’s developer(s) will chose to come out from behind the Wizard of Oz-type curtain, but in the meantime, you can still enjoy the work of a knowledgable person (or persons) with real and deep practical construction industry knowledge.

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