Cloudflare? An intriguing website option


cloudflare jpgOn the weekend, I linked this blog to, which, after a you change your DNS (Domain Name Server), reportedly takes the site/blog into a widely distributed system with much more capacity and greater ability to avoid problems including spam and malicious attacks.  The service also has a collection of free and paid associated services such as UserVoice, which embed a ?feedback & support? link within the site.  You can see the UserVoice link at the bottom right.  If you wish, please feel free to test it with a feedback/question to me and I?ll see how effective it is.)

Apparently, with CloudFlare, you won?t ever need to worry about downtime or data loss if your hosting server fails ? everything continues through alternative locations.

CloudFlare also claims to provide some truly intensive and detailed statistics.  The paid version updates these in near real-time; for the free version you need to be content with daily updates.

This service has intriguing possibilities for management and security.  Let?s see how it works and I?ll report back in a month or two, or if there are surprising developments.

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