Christmas parties and construction marketing


Office christmas partyProbably the one defining aspect of our industry is that most of us take Christmas holiday breaks.  Unlike summers, when vacations are staggered through a couple of months, virtually everyone I know in this business closes shop for the days between Christmas and New Years, and the week or so ahead of the holiday is hardly the busiest time of the year.

Of course, this is the season for Christmas parties and events and even non-festive meetings take on a holiday component.  Today, for example, I?ll join my partners at Ottawa Renovates for a seasonal lunch after our review meeting and this evening, we?ll be attending a Christmas dinner for the Ottawa chapter of Construction Specifications Canada.

Events like these, of course, allow us to communicate, connect, and remember ? and sometimes show just a bit of good-will.  If an important part of marketing and sales is building and maintaining relationships, they have undoubted business importance.

But I don?t want to overstate their importance.  With some common sense (watch the drinking!), we don?t need to make a big deal about these events.  Have fun.  Enjoy the season.  Regular business will resume soon enough in January.

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