Chris Hill’s Construction Law Musings: A valuable resource especially for Virginia-based contractors

construction law musings
Chris Hill's Construction Law Musings blog

Chris Hill’s Construction Law Musings blog has been a worthy contender in several Best Construction Blog competitions, for good reason. While his blog focuses on Virginia law (where he is based) the topics often have general interest well beyond the mid-Atlantic state. (And of course, his blog is a must-read if you are a contractor, architect or engineer based in Virginia, including places like Richmond and Washington DC’s northern Virginia suburbs.)

As an example, consider this recent post about ConsensusDOCS and his simple — but vitally important — advice if you wish to use these standard-form contract documents.

Of course, like with any form documents, either?use the ConsensusDOCS as written or not at all?because they have been drafted to work together as written. Changing the wording of any set of form contracts in places aside from the ?fill in the blank? areas can only lead to inconsistencies and work for your lawyer should something go wrong.

Other recent posts describe legislative bills of note in Virginia for contractors, and a discussion of certain challenging issues involving the state’s Statute of Limitations.

Overall, I think you’ll find this blog to be worthy of bookmarking — especially if you are in Virginia.

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