Change happens in business: How to be prepared


Earlier this summer, I received a reminder about how change often happens in business. A sudden, seemingly dramatic, crisis pushes everything to the wall and then ? faced with the inevitability of the dramatic event, the revolution happens.

After the dust settles (assuming the change is successful), the instinctive response is: Why did we take so long to do this?

You?ll especially relate to this type of experience if you?ve had an epiphany. These mind-altering moments are rare, and I expect not everyone experiences them, and if you experience more than one or two in your lifetime, I think you are truly exceptional.

Researchers have determined that epiphanies, while sudden and dramatic, don?t happen in isolation and are usually built on years of experience and many earlier decisions. However, they sear into your memory when they occur. My major epiphany happened at age 26 in a bar in a village in Rhodesia, just as the country was about to become Zimbabwe.

While the successful resolution of a business crisis cannot directly correlate to an epiphany (as the latter is personal and the former is a group or organizational event), I?m confident that the change ? even if dramatic and immediate ? has roots in many earlier decisions, actions, planning and discoveries.

You may not need to make any radical changes in your business and in fact if things are going well, there is little reason to bother.

However, there are many forces and powerful influences on your environment. So it is wise to keep your eyes open, your mind alert, and periodically envisage how things might look if there is a need for a major shake-up.

The good news is, after you go through the experience, you?ll find you really were reasonably well prepared and while there is much change, the key relationships, clients, and opportunities remain in place.

Be prepared. You don?t need to be afraid.

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