Capturing insights in California

google swag
Some Google swag. If you can associate with big name institutions, brands or individuals, either locally or (better) internationally, you win powerful marketing credibility.

The GoogleplexIn a few hours, I’ll be 30,000 feet in the air, initially to Chicago, and then to San Francisco, where Google-hired buses will take me and several hundred people from around the world to hotels near the San Jose Convention Centre (and on Wednesday) to the Googleplex in Mountain View.

I cannot report on specific details about the event, because of non-disclosure agreement requirements, but am confident that the experience will enhance my knowledge and insight and result (indirectly) in some worthy blog postings in the months ahead.

Google is a fascinating business. It has managed to disrupt the advertising eco-system, especially for conventional print and electronic publishers. Yet, unlike other technology companies which have flown high and then flamed out — often within a few years — Google has been able to reach outside of its conventional boundaries, with enough resources to experiment, innovate and create new things.

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