Can you share your project success stories?

tess wittler
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Writer Tess Wittler outlines 12 ways to repurpose project success stories. In a separate article she describes the components and questions for a successful success story.
Tess Wittler
Tess Wittler

Writer Tess Wittler rightfully points out that one of the best marketing tools in your arsenal is the “project success story”. The news about how you achieved positive results, perhaps after overcoming challenges, provides the framework to attract similar projects — as well as to show your capacity to work through situations and achieve the desired results.

She writes:

The best way I?ve found to describe a project success story is: it?s a mini case study. It tells the story of?a successfully completed project ? from your perspective. Within the article, you mention the type of?project (addition, kitchen remodel, etc.) and what motivated the clients to remodel their home, plus?you describe the project and what construction challenges, if any, you ran into.

While her framework relates to residential construction projects, the concept is equally if not more effective in the ICI space. It ties nicely with testimonials — lending credibility and relevance to your work.

In two postings, she describes the components of a successful project success story, and in a separate article, outlines how these stories can be repurposed in 12 ways.

Undoubtedly, the project success story can be one of the foundations of your marketing process. The more you can share, the more your marketing will thrive.

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