Can you catch your catchphrases for effective marketing?


Do you know how to apply catchphrases in your marketing and presentations?

The concept: A simple phrase/message that conveys your essential point. Some call them advertising slogans.

The idea: If you repeat the same catchphrase over and over, the words will stick in your potential clients’ minds.

So you say the phrases in your speeches, like Martin Luther King did in his “I have a dream” speech. Or you put the words in your advertisements, like Geico: “Fifteen minutes could save you 15 per cent or more on your car insurance.”

Obviously these phrases need thought and some care, but they don’t need to be overwhelmingly brilliant.

“Maybe it?s as simple as ‘Our brand is about saving money,’ or ‘This program will increase your sales,’ speaking consultant Jerry Asher writes. “Be sure that you repeat the key phrase the same way several times. That way, you?ll be sure that your message gets across.”

Capture a few effective catchphrases, and you are on your way to capturing some serious business.

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