Can you build a 30 story hotel in 15 days?


The video story of how a Chinese builder managed to complete a 30 story, earthquake resistant and “sustainable” building in 30 days may provide insights — and cause some fear — for builders and developers world-wide.

The keys to the accomplishment:

  • Construction was 24/7 — you can see the round-the-clock work;
  • There were no regulatory or community barriers to the construction process. (I imagine Canadian or US contractors would need to contend with permitting and work hours/rules limitations here);
  • There may have been many details “pre-construction” or post-construction left out of the story. Notably, there is no sign of the crane dismantling on the image — is that because there was still much work to do, or someone forgot something important?

Nevertheless, the concept of factory-built prefab skyscrapers has intriguing possibilities, since the conventional rules of the game in the construction industry will be tested if this type of technology/building practice becomes prevalent.

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