Can you apply these 5 construction marketing ideas that cost less than $500?

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Can you apply these five ideas in your business?

Tony Booth has outlined “5 powerful construction marketing ideas that cost less than $500” in the? blog.

The ideas have been outlined at various times here, but are always worthy of restating.

The first idea:?Tokens of appreciation

Showing your existing customers that you appreciate them will make them more likely to refer you to others. The size and scope of your show of appreciation will depend on the type of project, but at a minimum, you should send a handwritten Thank You note. Make it personal and avoid stuffing your business card into the note; this is not a time to promote.

You can take this a step further by including a little memento. When I was doing large commercial building construction, I would have a professional photographer come out and take photos of the completed building. I would get one of the photos framed and give that to my customer.

If you work in the residential market, you can give your clients a small decoration that matches their finished project. Think about how many times they will mention your name when a guest asks, ?Where did you get that beautiful bowl??

Other ideas include:

  • Referral programs;
  • Community events;
  • Demonstrations and how-tos; and
  • Free consultations.
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