Business crisis . . . not

business crisis

In the past week, I went/put my business through an existential crisis. Details of what happened will only be shared much later, if ever, but the experience reminded me of the perils of panic. Sometimes you can make things out to be much riskier than they actually are — and in doing so, push far more anxiety-creating buttons than necessary.

On the other hand, perhaps sometimes a self-inflicted crisis can be healthy; if only to shake things up and force an essential re-evaluation. In any case, through my adult life, I’ve been known to have “panic attacks” long before a panic is really necessary; and I sense, because of that (and taking the appropriate measures to respond to the situation) avoided the problems I thought were much closer to me than they were in fact.

And in fact, we will make some major and fundamental changes in our business to truly adapt it to the digital age in the next few weeks, and clean up some operations that really should be corrected.

Yet, I regret pushing the panic button when what we needed instead was a straightforward re-evaluation and course correction.

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