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Black countertopCalifornia-based renovation contractor Burgin Construction Inc. has been a social media pioneer. ?The Orange County contractor has scored highly in several Construction Marketing Ideas blog competitions, winning first place in 2012. ?This recognition is well-deserved. The Burgin Construction blog combines all the essentials for a truly effective blog: ?Original, relevant (to market) content, regular and reliable updating, and a simple, easy-to-navigate design. Combine these qualities with the company’s loyal (and social media savvy) client and supplier base, and you have the formula for popular vote success.

Notably, this year someone outside the company ?nominated Burgin. I’m not sure if Rhonda Burgin will turn on a ‘get out the vote’ campaign. That is her decision, not mine. However, regardless of whether Burgin elects to actively compete this year, I still think the blog is an impressive example of how a residentially-focused contractor can develop an effective blog. ?If you have a remodeling business in another market, you’ll especially want to view this blog for inspiration. (Just don’t copy it — it is astounding how often contractors who take the trouble to build really good blogs/sites discover copycats where the worst offenders even copy the photos and work site images from the original contractor.)

You can see an example of this blog’s effectiveness by reviewing a few recent postings. Consider this example from 5 hidden uses for your favorite?appliances:

Cook Salmon in the Dishwasher

Before you wrinkle your nose at this idea, remember: the dish water will not touch your food! Be a dinner party magician by preparing a seafood feast in the same device that will clean it up later. Salmon is an especially foolproof option because it?s a ?forgiving? fish (i.e. hard to really mess up). Just make sure you wrap the salmon securely in foil and use the dishwasher?s ?normal? cycle. The water?s high temperature will poach the fish. Tip: Keep your fish on the top rack for best results. For detailed instructions, visit?Wine X Magazine.

Other entries focus on design trends, such as this one describing what is “in” in kitchens:

Black Counters:?Black kitchen counters will be all the rage next year, with homeowners looking to add sophistication to their kitchen. Popular materials to achieve this look will include black granite and quartz. Zillow Digs Board of Designers Member, Adam Hunter of Adam Hunter Inc. in West Hollywood, Calif., likes ?black granite that is honed or has a leather finish? to provide a tasteful, yet dramatic look. Expect to see black countered-kitchens paired with a lighter counter such as marble or light gray for contrast.

The blog, of course, makes excellent use of graphics and photographs.

Nominations for the 2014 Best Construction Blog competition close on January 31. Then the voting commences for two months. You can nominate your own blog or one you like here.

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