“Build relationships, not bid packages” ? Jesse Josephson


Jesse Josephen, vice-president of Vice President, Sales & Marketing at Construction Journal in Florida has posted some insightful thoughts in on the LinkedIn.com Construction Marketing Ideas group.

Construction Journal?s LinkedIn profile says:

Construction Journal is the trusted provider of commercial and residential construction information from project conception to operation. We help our customers find and secure work by providing access to comprehensive, accurate and timely construction reports and related plans and specifications.

In other words, Josephen?s company provides bidding information and data.

But Josephson makes it clear that this information will not, in itself, provide useful business.

He writes:

Don?t bid for the sake of bidding. Go out there and shake some hands, drop off some donuts, and kiss some babies instead of doing another take-off today on a project where you have no relationship in place to accompany your bid. When you call potential sources of business, know what they?re winning, losing, and bidding. Then speak about how you can help across the entire scope of their activity, not just on one project. Learn about them, their business, and their challenges. Identify people you want to work with, not projects you want to work on. Pick up the phone and introduce yourself, don?t call asking for a set of plans. Build a relationship with them, not just a bid package.

He is absolutely correct, along with his other suggestions, including the one that too many people in this business ignore:  You need to measure your results.

If you haven?t a won a bid on a in your last 40, you NEED to know that. Too many are unaware of their and their competitor?s recent (what happened 3 years ago doesn?t matter ? remember it?s a brave new world out there) track record in a particular market sector.

He also observes that a positive attitude is essential, and you need to take daily action to move things forward.

You can read the entire posting at the Construction Marketing Ideas Group.  If you aren?t a member, please feel free to submit a request for an invitation.

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