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This is another review in the series for entries in the 2018 Best Construction Blog competition. Voting for nominated blogs continues through March 31.

Undoubtedly, the Brantley Agency’s blog is professional-quality. It should be. The agency, with offices in New York and Los Angeles, provides professional-level web design, SEO, branding and marketing services. It has segmented its message for the AEC community with a special blog/page, with impressive production and content standards.

In fact, at least for me, it is painful to view, maybe because you can tell every detail has been thought through, so the various glitches and bugs you can certainly find quite easily in my own blog’s pages would never make it through the Brantley screen. This of course means that if you contract with them, you will undoubtedly get the uncompromising quality you expect. (I’m not going to ask about price, but in marketing the story is about value rather than lowest fee/cost, of course.)

If you are an architect you should look at this post, Must Have Technology For Architects in 2018, which shows some of the truly cutting-edge trends and tools available for architects wishing to dazzle potential clients, including holograms and virtual reality applications, including one that allows you to stream your VR in a live, three-dimensional perspective.

Its one thing to explore video through web-based players and VR headsets, which?Briskeye?has been doing for years. It?s a whole new level when you can enable live streaming of 360-degree video, which is what the new Briskeye 360 camera does. It?s the first camera of its size with this capability. When integrated with MOG?s video cloud services and central ingest systems, the captured content can be delivered to VR headsets and second screens quickly.

The post lists 11 technology applications. Some I know well, like Google Cardboard, but most are new to me. While some may be out of the range of practicality for all but the largest and most digitally savvy architects, I think virtually anyone in the business can find some useful lessons and insights here.

I like this blog, and certainly think it is a worthy competition entry.

You can vote for it, and others of your choice, here.

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