Blogging: You can do it


blog nomination pageAs the nomination season for the 2015 Best Construction Blog competition?commences, if you haven’t already started a blog, maybe you would like to consider the idea.

Blogs are powerful tools for reputation building, website traffic generation (they really help on the search engine optimization) and help you create the stage where potential clients call you, predisposed to doing business with you.

I realize not everyone writes well and the best blogs require a combination of journalistic and social instinct, but there are specialist writers who can help out — and their fees won’t be anywhere near as stressful (and wasteful) as much conventional advertising.

Once you have ?a blog, we’ll help you with some publicity and promotion — I’ll list all qualifying blogs in this blog’s resource list — and you can enter the Best Construction Blog competition for a free review, and the opportunity to win recognition as the best blog.

Here are the 2014 Best Construction Blog competition results.

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