BIM, IPD and the cost of pursuit: A writing (and marketing) challenge

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man at building imageSometimes I’m a glutton for intellectual punishment. ?However, there are rewards on taking on brain-stretching writing assignments in that I get to learn as I write. ?Sometimes I’m even paid for the work, though in the case of my assigned article for The SMPS Marketer: The Cost of the Pursuit — Is it increasing because of IPD and BIM — How does a firm control the cost of pursuit? — I’m working as a volunteer.

This morning, I completed the first draft, and have sent it for review to the individuals I interviewed.

So, what is ?the answer to the assigned question?

On the first level, the actual cost of pursuit may be somewhat higher for IPD/BIM RFQ responses but the actual cash cost is not a big issue for practices and businesses equipped with the technology, skills and relationships to pursue these projects.

The bigger challenge — and much bigger cost — is going through the learning curve of implementing BIM, and of course, in adapting your business or practice to the more collaborative IDP business model. ?Here, the practical costs and return for investment can vary depending on the discipline and marketplace. Architects have it worst. ?They need to spend the most on the resources and training to implement, and can see little if any additional value or revenue — in fact, the argument is that their billing hours might decline, and thus their potential revenue might drop. Contractors and owners do much better — but of course, if not everyone is in the game, the collaborative IPD advantages don’t really happen.

This is a big puzzle and challenge. ?I’m looking forward to the review comments from the people I interviewed and then getting the final story into shape this time next week.

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