Tocci Building Companies — Best Construction Blog 2015 winner: Consistency is key

Tocci Blog review

Caleb Fenske, a graphic designer in Tocci Building Companies‘ marketing department, describes some of the basics behind the Massachusetts-based contractor’s blogging success in this video interview.

Tocci had a blog since 2006, in the early days of blogging, but failed to maintain or update it with consistency. The big change a little more than a year ago, Fenske says, was the decision by the Tocci’s marketing department to take more control over the process, setting a regular schedule and then assigning different departments a regular rotation to contribute to the blog, which is updated twice a week.

Traffic numbers aren’t overwhelming, and Fenske indicates there isn’t a specific correlation between blog postings and new business. However, there is a strong correlation between other business/marketing/communication initiatives and increased blog traffic and visitors.

For example, Fenske says, when CEO John Tocci makes presentations at conferences and events (focusing in the medical sector, one of the organization’s strengths), there is a noticeable spike in traffic. Similarly, one of the company’s engineering employees, after posting, makes an effort to communicate the news through his social media network — and this also “spikes” traffic.

This suggests the importance of blogging in an integrated marketing strategy and system, and the leveraging potential of a solid blog. You can enhance/retain and build on your market perception and recognition with a solid blogging schedule and content, but I doubt anyone will sign on the dotted line for ?a multi-million construction IPD contract because of some blog postings.

Still, there is much to learn from Tocci’s success. Although my outbound audio unfortunately isn’t perfect, you can clearly understand Fenske’s observations and thoughts and I believe he shows the way for any architectural, engineering and construction business to establish an effective blog, without stressing corporate resources or budgets, and gain the brand recognition and relationship-building value from the initiative.

About Caleb:

Caleb Fenske is an integrated graphic designer at Tocci Building Companies. From market sector brochures to jobsite signage to building out new website pages, Caleb takes care of the day-to-day graphic needs of the company as well as providing more long-term solutions both in print and digitally. He works directly with vendors to maintain budgets and ensure a quality product is shipped.

In addition to his work at Tocci Building Companies, Caleb was president of the local AIGA chapter during college and is currently involved in the Boston chapter where he volunteers at events and conferences.

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