Best Construction Blog voting starts: Realtime results

voting process graph

Voting has commenced for the 2015 Best Construction Blog competition. It is early going — but the graph below shows the real-time results (it updates as new votes arrive). The early votes are mostly test votes by competitors — I have asked them to check the ballot and let me know of corrections.

The voting rules allow voters to select as many blogs they like in a single ballot, but they can only vote once. This approach allows you to recognize great blogs without needing to select one favourite one. As well, bloggers are free to campaign both within and outside their organizations — votes from each unique email address are counted.

(Yes, in previous competitions, I’ve seen signs of cheating — like one person using multiple email addresses or, worse, trying to use fake email addresses. This stuff doesn’t work, in part because the popular vote is only one quality required win the final competition — independent judges review?other qualities and can determine if the voting process has been gamed.)

We’ll set up a static voting/following page within a few days — and continue the Best Construction Blog reviews through February and early March. Voting concludes at the end of the day on March 31.

In the meantime, enjoy the results, real-time. And, if you wish, you can vote with the form below:

[wufoo username=”constructionnrhroup” formhash=”r1lc51301x8hibk” autoresize=”true” height=”1591″ header=”show” ssl=”true”]

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