Best construction blog voting begins

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The finalists for the 2019 Best Construction Blog will be announced next Monday.

Here are the real-time votes for the Best Construction Blog competition.

Voting opened with a flurry of support for several contenders, with Sage Construction and Real Estate leading in the early voting. Large organizations who can encourage employees and key contractors to “get out the vote” have an advantage in the popular vote category, but the judges consider the diversity of votes and level of widespread third-party support to be more important in evaluating the overall finalists.

(In the first year of the competition, we set a rule that no more than one vote could be counted from any IP address. This had the effect of disqualifying all votes from larger offices and gave something of an unfair advantage to independent consultants and small businesses who could use their networks to win support. However, this sort of third-party support is more meaningful in assessing a blog’s marketing effectiveness than internal voting, so is still given greater weight by the judges — who also consider other aspects including design, focus, and general blogging quality.)

Voting continues until 5 p.m. on April 1. You can vote for as many blogs as you wish — but you can only vote once.

I will continue reviews of contestant blogs in upcoming days.

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