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Blogging Painters?( has become a powerful social media magnet for the painting industry, for good reason. Utah-based Chris Haught (RC Painting) leads a team of contributors, providing authorative information, guidance, and practical tips for painting contractors of all sizes. Blogging Painters will be especially useful for contractors without much web or social media experience seeking to understand how to be more effective in their own communities. However, I sense the contractors who will actually use the site to its maximum effectiveness are the existing market leaders. In my experience, the people who know what they are doing soak up every bit of additional information they can find — and Blogging Painters has a wealth of information.

Along with the blog and its excellent archives, Chris is a social media pioneer and is one of the people I interviewed for Social Media and Marketing for Architectural, Engineering and Construction Companies: ?What you really need to know to achieve profitable results. She is exceptionally active on Twitter (see? An impressive aspect of this site is its highly collaborative and open-to-contribute philosophy.

Contributors to represent a diverse cross-section of some of the best minds in the paint industry, from all angles?

– paint contractors from different markets with unique service offerings

– specialty finish artisans

– manufacturer representatives, from both the engineering and marketing sectors

– consultants of all types

The common thread found in this growing group is that all participants have the same goal in mind: to improve the paint trade and the industry as a whole, by improving our own businesses. And, let?s face it, the online identities of our businesses have never been more important than they are today. That is why we raise the bar.

The archived content generated by this group of writers comes with a raw candor not found in other venues, because this platform is created and curated by the paint contractors themselves. If you are interested in what is on the mind?s of paint contractors, you have come to the right place. If you are interested in contributing to the talent pool, we would love to hear what?s on your mind.

This openness is managed with some careful moderation. You won’t find spammy, self-serving postings here; rather, you’ll read relevant, thoughtful and informed ideas that truly capture painting contractors’ realities, challenges, aspirations and achievements.

This is a great blog to bookmark if you are a painting contractor or work with painters in your business — or simply want to see best practices in social media and blogging in action.

This is one in a series of reviews of nominees for the 2013 Best Construction Blog competition. I’ll do my best to review all nominees, providing some positive comments and hyperlinks. ?Nominations are open through Jan. 31. You can nominate your own blog or one you like. Here is the nomination form link.

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