Best construction blog popular vote finalists ? Michael Stone on top


Here are the Best Construction Blog final popular vote results.  Michael Stone?s Markup and Profit blog is first.   He has a wide network of clients/supporters who receive a regular bi-monthly newsletter, and some email reminders to his audience brought out the votes.

The popular vote is only part of the calculation of the Best Construction Blog winner.  We?ve asked four volunteer judges to also review the results.  Michael Stone along with Neil Brown (Construction Marketing Association) are judges with their own blogs in the competition.  Michael Jeffries and Bill Caswell are the other two judges.

(In case you are wondering how judges can also enter the competition, this is not a formal contest with a money prize.  Judges obviously cannot vote for themselves so their decision to participate as a judge actually reduces their chances of winning the contest.)

I?ve given the judges until mid-month to complete their evaluations so the final results won?t be available until around March 15.

We?ll highlight the results and finalists in upcoming blog postings and in the spring issue of the Design and Construction Report.

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