Best Construction Blog competition voting begins

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Voting has opened for the 2014 Best Construction Blog competition.

This year’s 43 nominations represent a cross section of blogs, including legal, consulting, marketing, and consumer or business-focused news. They all share some qualifications: Relevance to the residential and ICI construction industry, with independent and relevant editorial content.

You can vote for one or several blogs but you should only vote once. While the form may accept multiple votes, including ones from fake email addresses, this sort of spam activity won’t help your cause — the votes will be ignored or discounted (or could count negatively in the judging evaluation). You can encourage friends, clients and colleagues to vote.

I realize the “get out the vote” opportunity can result in organized campaigns to win the competition. There is nothing wrong with this sort of effort — but the total number of votes is most definitely not the only criteria for success. The judges will review the 10 most popular blogs, and then evaluate the blogs for quality, relevance and design. Popular vote obviously “counts” to reach the final judging stage, but then it is only one of several considerations. ?(If you’ve bid jobs in the two-envelope system, you’ll notice this approach has some similarities.)

Several of the blogs have been reviewed in the Construction Marketing Ideas blog, though there are several ?more to be done. I plan to complete the reviews by the end of February, so the final month’s voting will not be influenced by the review process.

As the votes arrive, we’ll post a running tally so you can see how your favourite blogs are doing.

Here are the nominated blogs:

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