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Tess WittlerTess Wittler’s blog is exceptionally well written. This is appropriate, because she is a freelance writer. She can answer your needs if you wish to offer a construction blog (or need other writing services), but are not a great writer yourself. Only a few people have the ability to write well, understand construction industry nuances and offer these services for the construction community.

(I suppose, without modesty, I have the first two qualifications, but my full-time business is publishing and most of my own writing services are restricted to our organization’s publications and, when requested, as a supplemental service to advertisers.)

This excerpt showcases Wittler’s writing ability — and the reason why you should consider her services:

Content marketing is about sharing great content.

As a freelance copywriter, not only do I get to write content, but I also become engrossed in my clients? businesses so I can properly tell their amazing stories.?I learn about them by studying their past and asking a lot of questions. I feel honored to be a part of their team as their virtual copywriter, and I write their blog posts, newsletter articles and customer success stories as if they were my own story to share.

That is one of my stories. What are yours?

This is why content marketing works. Great content captivates you.?Did you notice what I did there? I told you a story in such a fashion that it absorbed you. It told a story ? while also gently reminding you of the copywriting services I provide.

Content marketing isn?t going away. It is only becoming a stronger aspect of marketing, and if you aren?t producing great content on a consistent basis, your business will lose.

This means:

  • Writing blog articles
  • Developing email marketing systems to nurture your leads
  • Shooting videos
  • Recording podcasts
  • Hosting webinars
  • Writing customer success stories
  • Providing free reports to online visitors
  • Always assessing and re-working your website content (no more once-and-done websites)

It also means sharing this information via social media networks and interacting with those people. Content marketing is about creating meaningful connections and viewing your subscribers, followers and fans ? as people.

It?s people who enjoy a good story. It?s people who, over time, will share your story with others. And that?s why content marketing works.

So I ask you, will you become a storyteller for your business in 2013? What are some barriers that are holding you back?

Wittler’s blog includes some great “call to action” resources, including social media links. I’ve asked her for more information about these elements, and will report on her observations if she wishes to share that information with us.

Nominations for the?Best Construction Blog competition?are open until January 31.?You can learn more and suggest your own blog or one that you like by completing the nomination form here.?

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