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sage blog insuranceThe Sage Construction and Real Estate Blog scored highly in the judging last year — and certainly received the most popular votes.There’s a good chance this highly successful software company’s blog will be able to win the competition in 2014.

I can’t prejudge either the popular vote or judges, but think you will be impressed by how Sage has managed the blog. “Plumb Bob Square Rants” reflects the views of several consultants, who cover the key construction practice management issues. ?Lately several postings have focused on insurance issues, reminding contractors, sub-trades and others in the industry to be careful to ensure your insurance is working the way it should. See this posting by?Joel Dietzman.

  • Employment practices liability. Employment practices suits are at an all-time high and seem to increase every year. Every construction company that employs people has an exposure. Be sure your policy includes 3rd?party coverage?and be aware of sub-limits for certain types of claims, like wage and hour claims.
  • Crime coverage. The amount of employee theft that occurs within the construction industry is often underestimated. There are some non-insurance loss controls that can be put in place to help control this exposure, but insurance can provide a little extra peace of mind. In many cases, the crime is very large by the time it is discovered and it is often perpetrated by employees that company owners would least suspect.
  • Cyber liability. Internet use and online transactions are becoming the norm for most businesses, contractors included. It does not take much to have a cyber liability exposure. Simply accepting pre-qualification packets from subcontractors can create an exposure.
  • Management liability. This can include directors? and officers? coverage, fiduciary coverage, and travel coverage. The need for these different forms of coverage is not always obvious, but it is worthwhile to discuss with your agent.

Blog entries refer readers to relevant resources, in this case the company’s white paper on construction risk management.

The Sage Construction and Real Estate blog shows how a larger organization can handle a blog effectively, distributing the posting among various participants, with solid central office management and oversight for technical and content. It is effective, in part, because it isn’t stilted or trapped in corporate-speak.

I can’t prejudge either the judges decisions this year, nor the actual popular vote (and there are many competing blogs!), but I would still give some odds on this blog becoming the first place finalist in 2014.

Nominations for the 2014 Best Construction Blog competition close on January 31.?Voting begins Feb. 1.?You can nominate your own blog or one you like here.

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