Best construction blog competition: PJHM Architects, California

PJHM architects blog posting

pjmh architects home pageUndoubtedly, California-based PJHM Architects (with offices in Orange County and the San Diego area) has the most-effective and highest quality design of any blog I’ve reviewed so far this year. (Wait: Am I judging the competition’s results? Well, design is one but not the only thing voters and judges will consider in deciding the finalists. However, this blog is certainly a contender.)

The blog makes great use of inspiring TED videos, reflecting the practice’s ability to infuse outside inspiration into its own creativity. I also like, from a business perspective, PJHM’s clear focus. ?If you wish to see a truly great mission statement for an architectural practice, read this:

PJHM is a California Based Interdisciplinary Architecture and Research Firm Specializing in Educational and Civic Projects

Of course, the blog posts which we find most interesting are generally directly relevant to our own lives, so I really enjoyed “PJMH Goes Walking: Calgary”. Just a few hours previously, I learned that, as incoming chair of the Ottawa-area Construction Specifications Canada chapter, I’ll be given a plane ticket to attend the CSC national conference there in May (and my wife is also looking forward to attending the event.) ?My age is showing. The last time I spent a significant amount of time in Calgary was more than three decades ago — when I lived and worked in Medicine Hat, Alberta, between two extensive visits to Africa. (Sometimes I think the culture shock of living in southern Alberta proved to be greater than I experienced traversing the Sahara, Congo, and living for 18 months in Rhodesia turning Zimbabwe.)

Just look at the images and care in design here and you’ll know that PJHM puts as much care and attention to detail to its public buildings design projects as its blog.

PJHM in Calgary

Nominations for the Best Construction Blog competition are open until January 31. You can learn more and suggest your own blog or one that you like by completing the nomination form here.?


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