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kaplin stewart blogVoting has started with intensity for the 2014 Best Construction Blog competition and will continue through March 31. Here is another review of a contestant blog.

With a URL like, you know without question this blog’s focus. Indeed, the blog by ?Philadelphia based?lawyers Kaplin Stewart Attorneys at Law delivers on its promise — practical, legal content, with a focus on Pennsylvania issues, but with relevant coverage of national-interest topics.

Recent posts have included coverage of the US Green Building Council report, the opportunities in Bethleham, PA because of a “redevelopment designation” award and “New regulations for construction in Philadelphia.”

The latter entry obviously has primarily local relevance, but my perception of a blog’s value is its utility to the people it matters most — and I expect you would expect this blog to focus on local and state issues, so this entry is, to me, highly relevant and worthy of consideration:

After the City of Philadelphia recently passed new ordinances directing the display of contractor licenses, the use of permits, and the posting of job sites for all contractors, further requirements to perform demolition or construction work inside the City limits went into effect on January 1, 2014.

Under the new regulations, the?Department of Licenses and Inspections now requires the submission of additional documentation before it will issue a demolition or construction permit. It will be necessary for contractors to provide a tax clearance certificate from the City of Philadelphia’s Department of Revenue and a valid certificate of insurance showing general liability, workers’ compensations, and automobile coverage. Each contractor’s insurance must have a minimum of $500,000 of coverage and name the City of Philadelphia as an additional insured. Absent this documentation, the requested permit will not be processed and issued.

In nominating this blog, Bonnie Vandenberg wrote:

Kaplin Stewart?s construction blog is a fantastic resource. Despite the fact that it is written by construction lawyers, it offers a wealth of information on a wide variety of topics well beyond dry legal analysis. Updates on what is going on in the industry, notable projects, safety tips, every day practical applications of how owners and construction firms can operate better, and much more appear regularly on the blog. It?s so much more than a legal blog. It?s a construction blog in the truest sense.

I agree. ?This is truly a worthy blog and contender in the 2014 Best Construction Blog competition.

You can vote until March 31 by following this link. When you vote, you can select as many blogs as you wish, but you can only vote once.

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