Best Construction Blog competition: One week for popular vote

Best blog voting

There’s just a week left — until March 31 — to vote for the 2015 Best Construction Blog.

Popular vote is an important component of the annual competition. In the first year, it was the only criteria for winning — creating a game and rather crazy vote-getting initiatives by a few of the contest finalists. In the second year, I tried to moderate the process by setting a rule that only one vote could be allowed per IP address. The problem with this answer proved to deny the voting opportunity for employees of larger offices, while favouring small, decentralized businesses and (more significantly) consultants with large email contact files.

Then, how could we determine a meaningful result? ?After all, a large organization’s blog could be truly the best; but equally it wouldn’t be right to allow a business or enterprise with a massive number of employees and direct connections to swamp the results with an “order” to participate. (And, yes, I can tell when the word goes out by email ?to get out the vote — there’s an instant surge in response.)

The solution: Moderate the popular vote with a judging panel, representing diverse interests and perceptions. We still give great weight to the popular vote — it is unlikely the successful blog will be outside the top seven on the “home page” of the live voting results — but the judges take into account other factors, such as design, content value and reader participation.

The result, I think, is a meaningful and rewarding competition.

We’ll announce the final (judged) results by the end of April. However, you’ll know the final popular vote at the end of the day on March 31.

If you are competing, now is the time to put the final push for popular votes — especially if you are just below the threshold for the first voting page. ?If you want to support your favourite blog/bloggers, cast your ballot, as well, either through the ballot below, or at this voting booth link.

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To vote, select your favourite blogs, then click to the confirmation page — this is where we make sure your vote is counted. Since this is a contest that is free to enter and win, we haven’t taken extreme security measures to ensure the votes are genuine, but we reserve the right to disqualify votes if we sense there is something questionable about your voting.

We’ll keep your name and email address on a special database to (if necessary) verify your vote and to communicate the voting results — and final “best construction blog” selection. ?Otherwise, we will not use your email address for other emails and communications — unless you request (by separate checkbox) to receive the Construction Marketing Ideas newsletter or other information from us.

If you have any questions about the voting process, you can email

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