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Blue Sky builders
Historical images from the Chicago-area Blue Sky Builders blog

Construction Marketing Association founder Neil Brown has nominated Blue Sky Builders’ Skywriters blog for the 2014 Best Construction Blog competition, and indeed this blog is a worthy entry.

The 35-year-old business based in Downers Grove, Illinois (a Chicago suburb) builds garages, with the slogan “Taking Garage Building to New Heights”. The company’s success through more than three decades shows the incredible value of specialization and focus; the business certainly has a Unique Selling Proposition (USP), in that it is the first time I’ve discovered a builder that focuses only on garages. (There are probably ?other specialized garage builders around, but since we’ve never needed a garage — it came built-in with our house, as with all the houses in our subdivision, we simply wouldn’t be looking for marketing messages from specialized garage builders, and any rational specialized builder wouldn’t advertise for our attention.)

Blog topics include safety, maintenance, project reports, garage doors, historical renovations, and more. The most recent posting provides a historical overview of the company as it celebrates its business anniversary. The New Years Eve posting, meanwhile, suggests some resolutions any garage owner should consider (even if the garage is built into the house, as ours is):

1. I will take advantage of my garage space.

Your garage can be used for so much more than just parking your car. As the cost of real estate rises, the garage has become valuable extended square footage. Some ideas include: apartment, storage space, office, gym, and more. For more tips, read our blog:?9 Ways To Take Advantage of Your Garage Space.

2. I will perform regular maintenance on my garage.

Garage doors are an investment that requires light maintenance to ensure their longevity and safety. Maintenance can ensure your garage stays in good working order for its lifetime. You can even perform some maintenance tasks yourself. Important tasks include visual inspections, balance tests, photo eye tests, and more. Check out this?Garage Door Maintenance Checklist?for more information.

3. I will prepare for a power outage.

Did you know that your automatic garage door opener?may not work during a power outage? If your power goes out, you may need to disconnect your automatic opener to manually open your garage door. It is a good idea to familiarize yourself with this process in?preparation for a power outage. Follow these?5 steps to disconnect your automatic opener to manually open your garage door.

4. I will improve the safety and security of my garage.

When we think of home safety and security, usually complex security systems come to mind, or even flood lighting and motion sensors. We think of making sure the locks to our doors are in good condition and the windows latch properly. What we may not think of immediately, however,?is the importance of our garage. The garage houses one of our most expensive possessions: our car. In many cases, however, it also serves as an additional entrance to our home (in the case of attached garages). In these cases particularly, it is incredibly important to give this part of our home a security and safety assessment. Read:?3 Step Garage Safety and Security Assessment?to learn how to protect yourself.

5. I will get my garage organized.

Our garages play a very important role in our everyday living. Of course, they protect our vehicles from the elements. But more often than not, they also become dumping grounds for tools, cleaning products and seasonal gear. These tips can help you make the most out of this often overcrowded and underused space. Built-ins, pegboards, slat walls and other smart storage solutions can help you eliminate clutter and keep your garage tidy. Ideas include: shoe storage, overhead storage, pegboards, and more. Check out?Garage Storage Ideas From Houzz?for more tips.

The Skywriters blog proves the marketing advantage of specialization and focus and demonstrates the blog’s value in defining and promoting the business. It is a worthy entry.

Best Construction Blog competition nominations close on January 31. You can nominate your own blog or any that you like. Voting commences February 1 and continues through March 31. ?

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