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Gould Design, Inc. president Christopher Gould?
writes one of the most comprehensive and thoughtful daily blogs (Gould Design, Inc.’s Blog?~ Outsource Design of Building Components (Truss/Panel)) for the AEC community. His practice’s speciality is outsourced building component design, focusing on trusses and panels, and much of his blog’s technical content relates to subject matter expertise. However, this blog goes much further, exploring general success concepts and (with the help of guest bloggers) offers some truly solid business management advice relevant to virtually everyone.

His blog’s most recent significant project, now in six parts, is an alphabetical glossary: “What consumers should expect from remote design professionals” — relevant, especially since his practice serves clients across the U.S. and Canada, partnering with MiTeck Canada as a design outsourcing firm from his home base in Jacksonville, Florida.

Here is a small excerpt from the glossary to give you an example of Gould’s writing quality:

  • Talents

With consulting estimating firms the adage ?one size fits all? certainly doesn?t apply. Be sure your consultant is an expert in the field of estimating your project needs. A great estimator in one trade may think he can cover others, but is your project the one he learns the truth on? Are you willing to take that risk?

  • Team-Building

The key to any organization of any type is the team members. Certainly the team must believe in the company?s vision, yet even more important than their belief is management?s belief in them. It is every manager?s responsibility to provide each and every team member with a magnitude of professional development resources to allow the individual to reach their full potential. Why should your team invest in you if you will not invest in them?

  • Technical Knowledge

This seems like a ?given?, right? Well guess again. ?Technical Knowledge? means something different to everyone. There is no clear-cut definition. When you relocate someone, there is a period of time where learning takes place. Why ?settle? for someone, just to have them at your location? There is no reason to have less than your company deserves in quality knowledge, unless you fear loss of control. The real question is: Doesn?t your customer deserve the best available to them?’

Gould observes one of the important success basics for social media — the goal is to share, not sell (though it never hurts to make it possible for readers to do business)

As president of?Gould Design Inc.?I am proud to offer my client a variety of services to suit their ever-changing needs. We have an extremely?versatile?staff, proficient in all industry software suites. Innovative technology, combined with professional results will extend our global outreach. Whole-House design IS the future.

I firmly believe in practicing spiritual principles in personal, as well as business relationships.Integrity,?respect,?morality,?ethics?and?honor?are at the forefront of each and every decision. I strive to do the right thing, every situation!

This indeed is a worthy Best Construction Blog competition entry.

This is one in a series of reviews of nominees for the?2013 Best Construction Blog competition. I?ll do my best to review all nominees, providing some positive comments and hyperlinks. ?Nominations are open through Jan. 31. You can nominate your own blog or one you like.?Here is the nomination form link.

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