Best Construction Blog competition: Blogging and selling to roofing contractors, effectively


White Roofing Systems blog

Randy Patton?s blog,, doesn?t put on airs.  This site, intended to recruit contractors for Conklin Roofing Systems, has simple production values and lacks any pretension to be anything other than what it is intended to be:  A component of Patton?s social media outreach strategy for roofing contractors looking for additional business opportunities.

Conklin Roofing Systems, part of the Conklin Company, Inc. organization, has developed its business through a network of business opportunity/marketing strategies.  Patton earns his living by recruiting roofing contractors into the system.  He wisely is spending time in the social media space, monitoring relevant news groups, websites, Twitter and (more recently) has participated extensively in Google Plus.

Recent postings include short video clips of contractors who have signed on for the Conklin systems, and are undergoing training.  These are videos of real contractors, not actors or marketing gurus.

But do real roofing contractors need fancy and glitzy marketing messages, or the knowledge that real people, just like them, have accepted Patton?s opportunity?  Accordingly, while I don?t think Randy?s blog could ever win the ?best blog design? award, it may indeed be one of the best (or even the best) if measured by effectiveness in getting results.  And that, of course, is what really counts in business.

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