Best Construction Blog announcement 10 a.m. April 15

Results March 19

blog logo cmiThe ?judges have filed their reports, and we’re about ready to announce the final results for the 2013 Best Construction Blog competition.

You can see the popular vote results here.The judges certainly take popular vote into consideration, but the number of votes isn’t the only consideration.

Large companies can induce employees and suppliers to vote, and some people appear to have gamed the voting — using different email addresses — perhaps some fake ones — to boost the numbers. ?More crucially, popular vote should not be the only measure of a blog’s success: ?Design, writing quality, reliability and frequency of posting, and the effectiveness of the blog in communicating interesting and relevant content all should be important elements in deciding the true best construction blog.

This is why I asked our contract writer Heather Kirk, marketing expert Mike Jeffries and representatives of the Construction Marketing Association to review the blog postings and make their own recommendations. ?While the individual judging results will remain confidential, they have selected an overall winner.

You can see the final results at 10 a.m. tomorrow and, if you wish, join me for a Google hangout to discuss the results at 10:30 a.m. ?I will also co-ordinate an interview with the best construction blogger and share the blogger’s observations with you as soon as we can complete the interview.

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