Best Construction Blog 2018 voting: The home stretch

best construction blog results March 27
The ballot results at 6:30 a.m. on March 27. Results will change before the voting deadline at 11:45 on March 31. Live results are below.

We’re in the home stretch for the popular vote in the 2018 Best Construction Blog competition.

In some respects, I’m disappointed that the voting hasn’t been as intense as in previous years, when we would have had close to 1,000 ballots submitted by this time. On another level, however, the popular vote competition results are often boosted by internal “get out the vote campaigns” which are not a terribly reliable indicator of which blog is truly best.

This is why the best construction blog winner ultimately is decided by independent judges. The popular vote tally really is a qualification tool; if the blog doesn’t receive enough votes to reach the top 7 or so, then the judges won’t spend much time looking at it. If the blog receives some votes — enough to show some level of popular interest — then the judges can assess the quality of the blog’s votes as part of their assessment.

I struggled in previous years with ideas to manage the “gaming” of popular vote results.

For example, one year, I restricted the voting to one per IP address. This had the untended effect of giving a big advantage to small, independent work-at-home contractors over successful larger businesses. These organizations may have had an office-full of people, and yet could earn only one vote. Meanwhile, the home-based freelancer could send out an encouragement to vote to friends and family and piled in the ballots.

This year, at the moment, there appears to be a large surge in votes from supporters of, an offshore design services contractor, but contractor Korte Co. has a meaningful lead. There is nothing wrong with the vote-getting activity, but the judges — not me or the actual final vote count — will still decide who wins the competition.

The last date for voting falls on Saturday, March 31 (11:45 a.m.) in the middle of Easter weekend.

Here’s the ballot. You can only vote once, but you can select as many blogs as you like.

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