Back to the future: Entrepreneurship, delegation and history

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My cycling route in eastern Europe

By the time you read this post (written a few days ahead of publishing), I’ll be a bicycle somewhere in Austria or the Czech Republic. The bike will be familiar to me — the tour company is providing the exact same make and model I own at home, but the roads will certainly be new.

There’s a good chance as this post goes live I’ll be in Vienna — reuniting after a night away from Vivian, and before I continue on my journey. I’ll wave to her “goodbye” and see her in another week in Bratislava (Slovakia).

This trip has been in the planning stages since December/January, long before Ontario Construction News went live May 1 as a daily construction newspaper. I felt strange then knowing exactly which hotel I would be staying at each day during my vacation, without having the foggiest about how well the new business would function.

In fact, the original plans called for us to launch on June 1, and not seek any revenue until July 2. If I hadn’t modified the schedule, I think we would have been in something of a crisis — since the early weeks of OCN-Daily had plenty of challenges and learning curve issues, ranging from operating systems to product delivery and IT glitches.

Fortunately the pieces have come together, including delegation to staff and freelancers, with the added costs of my absence more than offset by increasing daily order volume.

I can freely explore eastern Europe’s history and small towns and enjoy the freedom earned with creativity, entrepreneurship, and a fair bit of effort and rational risk.

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