Automated personalization at work

art copy and code

Take a look at this Art, Copy and Code site?and see how you can integrate real-time time, location and environmental data into your online advertising, without exceptional resources or technology.

The potential is intriguing . . . but

So far the only uses of this level of personalization I’ve observed have been in Internet “get rich quick” fraud sites (you know, the type where you are offered the secret to collecting millions of dollars without effort, work or skill, simply by signing up for a “free” program (or one that becomes “free” if you try to leave the web page and a pop-up gives you a second-chance.) ?The site provides some links to experimental ads using the relationship-building concepts, though they don’t relate directly to the architectural, engineering and construction community.

Nevertheless, I sense this level of community and time-sensitive relevance could be useful for others. ?If you have any examples, please feel free to share as a comment.

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