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mike medford blog
Mike Medford's Ask Mike about Remodeling blog combines practical ideas with community service publicity
mike medford blog
Mike Medford’s Ask Mike about Remodeling blog combines practical ideas with community service publicity

Mike Medford’s Arlington, TX based home remodeling business has a clear focus and purpose — and the company’s values clearly are reflected in its blog:

Medford Remodeling is dedicated to providing homeowners with the highest level of service at a fair price. We utilize professional business, planning, estimating and building practices that produce high quality projects, quickly and affordably.

Medford Remodeling can provide a 30-year history of references. We have a reputation of delivering on time, within our customer?s expectations and always at a fair price.

The Ask Mike About Home Remodeling blog provides a combination of community/charity service postings with practical ideas and observations for anyone considering a home remodelling project. It may provide inspiration to local contractors outside of Medford’s service area. While much of the content is hyper-local in focus and the images and examples of work reflect the company’s own projects, the advice and suggestions have universal application.

In fact, last night, I used some of Medford’s content for our business’s regional renovation publication website/blog at, of course providing source credit and links.

I think this blog’s greatest strength, however, is in its support for community causes and initiatives. This publicity builds good will as it does good. Take for example, this posting, which promotes Survivors on Purpose, representing?triple negative breast cancer survivors.

He writes:

survivors on purpose logo
This blog posting supports Survivors on Purpose, Inc. for individuals affected by triple-negative breast cancer

Focused on raising community awareness about Triple Negative Breast Cancer (TNBC), SOP aims to form partnerships and alliances with researchers, scientists, doctors and medical educators in their efforts to identify root causes of triple-negative breast cancer. Their inspiring goal is to eliminate the fear and silence about breast cancer and replace it with knowledge about TNBC that is prevalent in the African American community.

In this posting, Medford promotes a local cook-off event, with appropriate images, to attract and encourage participation.

Does this community service publicity sell renovation services? Of course not, but that is the point. Businesses which reach out and serve their communities without putting their commercial or self-serving image into everything they do ultimately reap the reward from a healthy reputation. That?translates to trust and branding success.

You can learn a lot about how to produce an effective blog and business by viewing Mike Medford’s ongoing material.

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