Are you using social media effectively? It seems, most likely, you are not

social media
Data from the Zweig Group suggests most AEC businesses aren't yet using social media effectively

The Zweig Group says it has surveyed AEC businesses, and found the great majority (82 per cent) are using social media to promote their services.

Alas, the survey also indicates that most are not doing things right, with only 38 per cent using?it to engage with employees, 36 per cent using?it to share content from industry experts and only 24 per cent use social media to engage in ‘live’ posting during industry events.

Firms are not using social media effectively! The majority of respondents cited that they do not re-tweet, actively share, or like other content on social media. Engagement requires interaction and firms need to be collaborating more with clients, future clients and community organizations on social media.

The consultancy?has published a report with seven pages of data. You can access it here.

Fortunately, I don’t think it takes too much effort to solve the problems here — you simply need to set up a process to gather, apply, and share the news/content that will be helpful to your employees, clients and potential customers. And there are some automated tools available to help.

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