Are we ready for the brave new world in the artificial intelligence arms race?

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Virtual Reality is becoming "real" -- at least in gaming environments. When will it move to the mainstream of marketing?
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This Israeli company says it has developed voice recognition software that can truly detect and interpret emotional nuances.

A few unrelated news items suggest we are about to enter a new stage in marketing/psychological assessment tools that will change the rules of the marketing game.

The story about Namesysco, an Israeli company that has developed voice recognition technology so powerful it can truly detect client (and security) emotions real-time.

This stuff is right out of science fiction. Callers to call-centres can be using the same words, but the technology has advanced well enough that the system can tell how truthful they are, and their state of mind.

Ari Galper quotes?Salim Ismail in describing the technology. (He doesn’t name the enterprise, but Namesysco’s website matches the profile).

Here’s what it does.

It can analyse your voice in real-time and within 80% accuracy, can determine if you are telling the truth based on a proprietary mood detection algorithm.

Based on a variety of variables programmed into the technology, it can tell to what extent you are holding something back.

The companies using this technology are using it in an inbound call center capacity to analyze how likely the caller is to take an upsell or an alternative offer.

When a customer says they aren’t happy, does it mean they won’t do any more business with you, or does it mean they would if the offer is right?

The inverse of course also applies, Galper observes. ?If a company can apply a BS detector to inbound sales calls, how effective will the salesperson trying to put over a pushy message be in the new order

vr or
Virtual Reality is becoming “real” — at least in gaming environments. When will it move to the mainstream of marketing?

The IPhone incident — and cracking the code

I’m sure you are aware of the story about the battle between the US Department of Justice and Apple about cracking the locked cell phone of the San Bernardino terrorist. ?It turns out the DoJ didn’t need Apple’s help — another Israeli company figured out the work-around.

These observations have obvious relevance for both data protection and spying. How secure are we in our business/trade secrets and knowledge. How much can “big brother” watch us — and how much of an edge can we have in business if we apply (hopefully within the law) these tools to get inside the competition?

Virtual and augmented reality — Oculus?Rift

The VR technologies are moving from experimental to actual consumer markets and the arms race continues as Google’s “cardboard” VR tool increases in sophistication, providing a true low-end price point option for these services. Will marketing truly reach a multi-dimensional stage with immersive reality? ?I think so.

Most of the ideas here are still in the future for practical marketing applications, and probably a bit further in the future for the AEC community than the general business/marketing environment (because this industry is so slow in adapting new technologies and innovations). But we should keep our eyes and minds open — and be ready for more data, less privacy, and more immersion. It is a brave new world.

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