Approaching the home stretch: Popular voting for the 2016 Best Construction Blog competition

best blog march 20 2016

blog March 20
A screen shot of the results on March 20. You can click on the image for the live results.

We are approaching the home stretch in the voting phase of the 2016 Best Construction Blog competition. I have three more reviews to write — including the vote-getting leader Tocci Building Companies (which won last year’s competition) and two others. ?These reviews should be completed within a few days, at least a week before the March 31 conclusion of the popular voting process.

Then we move to the judging stage. While popular vote is important in considering which blogs the judges evaluate, they can review other qualities in determining the winner. ?The reason I added a judged component to the blog competition is simple: Some companies and organizations have very large networks and much influence, and can encourage votes from employees and suppliers easier than others. The judges certainly should consider the effort required to win enough votes to be among the top seven blogs; but beyond that, they assess the blog’s overall quality and effectiveness, and decide accordingly.

The actual finalist will be announced by the end of April.

In the meantime, you can still vote if you haven’t already cast your ballot. You can vote for one or several blogs and of course it is okay to encourage others to vote as well.

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